Verbal Reasoning - Simple Analogy
Directions : The first two words have a definite relationship. Choose the word which will fill the blank and show the relationship with the third word.

1. Scissors is related to Cloth in the same way as Scythe is related to____________?

2. Scrupulous is related to Principles in the same way as Ethical is related to____________?

3. Tobacco is related to Nerves in the same way as Alcohol is related to____________?

4. Joule is related to Energy in the same way as Pascal is related to____________?

5. Hooke is related to Cells in the same way as Mulder is related to____________?

6. What is related to Lapse in the same way as Session is related to Conclude ?

7. Bread a related to Bakery in the same way as Brick is related to____________?

8. Jester is related to Fool in the same way as Larrikin is related to____________?

9. Naphthalene is related to Wooden in the same way as Antibiotics is related to____________?

10. Lumberjack is related to Axe in the same way as Chef is related to____________?

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