Verbal Reasoning - Simple Analogy
Directions : The first two words have a definite relationship. Choose the word which will fill the blank and show the relationship with the third word.

1. Cobra is related to Snake in the same way as Leopard is related to____________?

2. Wince is related to Pain in the same way as Prostration is related to____________?

3. Physiology is related to Biology in the same way as Metaphysics is related to____________?

4. Waves are related to Air in the same way as Ripples are related to____________?

5. Forfeit is related to Surrender in the same way as Remit is related to____________?

6. Happiness is related to Sorrow in the same way as Comfort is related to____________?

7. Jester is related to Fool in the same way as Larrikin is related to____________?

8. Face is related to Expression in the same way as Hand is related to____________?

9. Wood is related to Charcoal in the same way as Coal is related to____________?

10. Satyajit Ray is related to Films in the same way as Picasso is related to____________?

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