Verbal Reasoning - Simple Analogy
Directions : The first two words have a definite relationship. Choose the word which will fill the blank and show the relationship with the third word.

1. Symphony is related to Composer in the same way as Fresco is related to____________?

2. Street is related to Lane in the same way as Road is related to____________?

3. Engineer is related to Machine in the same way as Doctor is related to____________?

4. Palm is related to Hand in the same way as Sole is related to____________?

5. Life is related to Autobiography in the same way as Witness is related to b ____________?

6. Author is related toBook in the same way as Choreographer is related to____________?

7. Aflatoxin is related to Food Poisoning in the same way as Histamine is related to____________?

8. Kindle is related to Burn in the same way as Angry is related to____________?

9. Condolence is related to Loss in the same way as Congratulation is related to____________?

10. Tungsten is related to Filament in the same way as Bronze is related to____________?

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