Verbal Reasoning - Simple Analogy
Directions : The first two words have a definite relationship. Choose the word which will fill the blank and show the relationship with the third word.

1. Orthopaedist is related to Bones in the same way as Chiropodist is related to____________?

2. Horse is related to Hay in the same way as Cow is related to____________?

3. DDT is related to Abbreviation in the same way as LASER is related to____________?

4. Librarians are related to Books in the same way as Bankers are related to____________?

5. Abduction is related to Kidnapping in the same way as Larceny is related to____________?

6. Cub is related to Tiger in the same way as Fawn is related to____________?

7. Patrol is related to Security in the same way as Insurance is related to____________?

8. Life is related to Death in the same way as Hope is related to____________?

9. Inch is related to Centimetre in the same way as Pint is related to____________?

10. Labourer is related to Wages in the same way as Entrepreneur is related to____________?

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