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1.a member of the Wakashan people living around Queen Charlotte Sound and on northern Vancouver Island
2.a Wakashan language spoken by the Kwakiutl people

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  • trial balloon
  • spike suppressor
  • sundog
  • unlabelled
  • sliver
  • self-propelled
  • segno
  • robert bruce mathias
  • unindustrialised
  • wilson's snipe
  • genus erythronium
  • aztecan
  • charismatic
  • acneiform
  • cassia alata
  • bird cherry tree
  • green bean
  • bring oneself
  • chaplin
  • family kyphosidae
  • final cut
  • lietuva
  • spandau
  • genus listeria
  • copperplate
  • alcahest
  • coral bean tree
  • malva sylvestris
  • specifically
  • rahu

  • Idiom of the Day

    red in the face
    to be embarrassed
    The woman was red in the face after she dropped her keys down the elevator shaft.

    The jury decided to acquit the accused as the photographs ________ the verbal account and proved his innocence.

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    anything cooked with poppy seed paste as the main flavouring agent. Often poppy seed paste with some mustard oil is eaten mixed with rice all by itself as a mild beginner for any Bengali meal.

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