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european sandpiper

1.a variety of sandpiper

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  • rain out
  • solid body substance
  • vocal fold
  • tacky
  • usa
  • spondias mombin
  • tiyin
  • threefold
  • to the full
  • scaling
  • family thelypteridaceae
  • council bluffs
  • diaphone
  • dmitri ivanovich mendeleyev
  • big wheel
  • driven
  • amish
  • calling
  • cornelian cherry
  • cyclopedia
  • responder
  • stevens' law
  • napping
  • amatungulu
  • begonia heracleifolia
  • nonmodern
  • stephen foster
  • verbalise
  • comal
  • allocution

  • Idiom of the Day

    How`s that?
    what did you say?
    "How`s that? I couldn`t hear you because the radio was too loud."

    If I ________ very hard, I would have been able to stop smoking.

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    Exercising the Brain

    From the mid 20s, brain function starts to decline, although you may not notice this until decades later. New learning experiences help stop the rot by strengthening and extending the connections (and networks) in the brain that enable us to store memories and stay sharp. However bad your memory is now, mental aerobics, good nutrition and moderate physical activity can improve thinking and memory skills.

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