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1.in some older classifications considered the family of the basking sharks

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  • beth

  • Idiom of the Day

    make a check out (to someone)
    to write a check to give to someone with his or her name on it
    I made a check out to the animal hospital after they cared for our dog.

    I'm busy this morning, but I ________ see you this afternoon if you like.

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  • New Hairstyles For Girls


    Walk on the wild side with this curly fringe which is part of a fun faux hawk style that is full of texture and personality.
    How to Style Work styling cream through dry, prepped curls.Braid a design from the front to the back and along the sides to create the silhouette of a faux hawk with the hair that is not braided. Be sure the ends of the design braids are tucked within the faux hawk.Finish by tousling top with fingers until it sits just right and adding style memory with a strong hold hairspray.
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    Try Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray for relentless hold and control.
    Best Face Shapes oval, heart, diamond, round.

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