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1.a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth
2.a fabric woven from goat and camel hair

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  • ab initio
  • ab
  • aas
  • aarp
  • aaron's rod
  • aaron copland
  • aaron burr
  • aaron
  • aarhus
  • aare river
  • aba cloth
  • aba transit number
  • abaca
  • aback
  • abactinal
  • abacus
  • abadan
  • abaft
  • abalone
  • abamp
  • saudi-arabian
  • caesarian
  • prosodic system
  • actinomeris alternifolia
  • cluster headache
  • heterogeneousness
  • saint lawrence
  • chronic kidney failure
  • cromorne
  • lobster tart

  • Idiom of the Day

    in a pinch
    something is okay when nothing else is available
    The other tool will do in a pinch if we cannot find the correct one.

    They have nothing ________ their dreams of success.

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  • Amazing Pictures

    Yvonne Naughton La Conner WA United States 1st Place Nature

    Originally from Wexford Ireland Yvonne Naughton made Washington State her home few years ago. In addition to being an accidental photographer as she calls herself she is a part time pediatrician aspiring ultra runner and mom of two busy pre teens and three energetic hounds. The photo was taken on one of my daily morning dog walks on Snee Oosh beach last October. It was a moody Pacific Northwest day with a thick fog lingering on the beach. There had been heavy dew overnight so the spiderwebs which covered rocks logs and bushes shone like strands of diamonds. As the dogs chased each other on the beach I captured as many different images as I could and began editing as I sat on a log and finished my coffee. Due to the low light I converted everything to black and white and focused on making the ?diamond webs the focus of the image.

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