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1.in a competent capable manner

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  • ablutionary
  • ablution
  • abls
  • abloom
  • ablism
  • ablepharia
  • ableism
  • able-bodism
  • able-bodiedism
  • able-bodied seaman
  • abm
  • abnaki
  • abnegate
  • abnegation
  • abnegator
  • abney level
  • abnormal
  • abnormal condition
  • abnormal psychology
  • abnormalcy
  • unwholesomeness
  • unergetic
  • sulphuric acid
  • knut pedersen
  • expiry
  • divert
  • conciliative
  • gymslip
  • contrition
  • carbonation

  • Idiom of the Day

    touched (in the head)
    The woman is touched in the head and it is difficult to know what she will do next.

    S1: Instantly, the full load yanked Gordy towards the side of the bridge.
    S6: Feeling a sharp burning sensation where the cable was speeding between his things, Gordy rose on tiptoe and as he did, the slithering coil of cable tightened around his left foot and yanked him over the railing.

    P: But the pull of the cable was too much.
    Q: He could hardly feel the cUble, slipping through his fingers, ripping off his gloves, and streaking over the railing like an escaping snake.
    R: It smashed his hands hard against the top of the railing, causing a split - second feeling of fierce pain followed by numbness.
    S: He held on to the cable; it had been hard work lifting it, and he did not want to have to start over again.

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