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1.in a competent capable manner

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  • ablutionary
  • ablution
  • abls
  • abloom
  • ablism
  • ablepharia
  • ableism
  • able-bodism
  • able-bodiedism
  • able-bodied seaman
  • abm
  • abnaki
  • abnegate
  • abnegation
  • abnegator
  • abney level
  • abnormal
  • abnormal condition
  • abnormal psychology
  • abnormalcy
  • genus glossodia
  • outsider
  • disprover
  • artur rubinstein
  • thomas malthus
  • grasslike
  • dental floss
  • radioscopy
  • air combat command
  • tiliomycetes

  • Idiom of the Day

    stop short of (doing something)
    to not go as far as to do something
    We stopped short of asking the secretary to leave although she continued to make mistakes with her work.


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    Fenugreek seeds and extract comes from the plant Trigonella foenum graecum L and has been used historically for various uses such as antispasmodic, appetite stimulant, high cholesterol, wounds, blood cleanser, and expectorant effects. It is derived from both Ayurveda (mostly) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (to a lesser degree) and unlike most traditional medicines it also appears to be a condiment.

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