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abrasive material

1.a substance that abrades or wears down

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  • abrasive
  • abrasion
  • abrase
  • abranchious
  • abranchiate
  • abranchial
  • abramis brama
  • abramis
  • abraham's bosom
  • abraham stoker
  • abrasiveness
  • abreact
  • abreaction
  • abreast
  • abreast of
  • abridge
  • abridged
  • abridgement
  • abridger
  • abridgment
  • protection
  • incense cedar
  • running pop
  • green light
  • orthodox church
  • spit out
  • breathlessness
  • boletus zelleri
  • available
  • the bronx

  • Idiom of the Day

    hold a grudge against (someone)
    to not forgive someone for something, to continue to be angry at someone for something that happened in the past
    The employee has been holding a grudge against the company manager for many years.

    Look before you ________ .

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    One Man Gang

    The name says it all. A near 500pound hard hitter from the mean streets of Chicago, One Man Gang was an army unto himself. Standing at 6foot9 with his hair shaved into a wild Mohawk, Gangs appearance was intimidating enough, but it was his 747 Splash that opponents truly feared. From his days as the top dog in the bad dudeheavy Universal Wrestling Federation to his time in WWE under the tutelage of Slick, the powerhouse left behind a long line of victims. Gang shocked the WWE Universe in 1988 when he underwent a personality crisis and became Akeem, but the giants considerable size helped him remain a constant threat.

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