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acanthurus chirurgus

1.surgeon fish of the West Indies

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  • acanthurus
  • acanthuridae
  • acanthous
  • acanthotic
  • acanthosis nigricans
  • acanthosis
  • acanthoscelides obtectus
  • acanthoscelides
  • acanthopterygii
  • acanthopterygian
  • acanthus
  • acanthus family
  • acanthus mollis
  • acapnia
  • acapnial
  • acapnic
  • acapnotic
  • acapulco
  • acapulco de juarez
  • acapulco gold
  • poa nemoralis
  • foreclosure
  • off-and-on
  • river avon
  • gnetum
  • linguistic communication
  • dazzlingly
  • epididymitis
  • jujube bush
  • heck

  • Idiom of the Day

    put in time
    to spend time doing something
    The man put in much time fixing up his house and now it looks very beautiful.

    The young couple in the story only meet about three times but still manage to ________ deeply in love.

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  • Valentines Day Date Night Ideas

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    While cooking together might be something you do every day, theres no reason it cant be special. The twist Devise a unique menu that youll make together every year on Valentines Day think all seafood, or an aphrodisiac theme. Start the tradition now and youll never have to worry about making last minute plans in the future.

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