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1.a state in which the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is lower than normal

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  • acanthus mollis
  • acanthus family
  • acanthus
  • acanthurus chirurgus
  • acanthurus
  • acanthuridae
  • acanthous
  • acanthotic
  • acanthosis nigricans
  • acanthosis
  • acapnial
  • acapnic
  • acapnotic
  • acapulco
  • acapulco de juarez
  • acapulco gold
  • acaracide
  • acardia
  • acariasis
  • acaricide
  • prokhorov
  • significative
  • liebfraumilch
  • managership
  • shaman
  • self-will
  • antiknock
  • chickamauga
  • approve
  • aporocactus

  • Idiom of the Day

    up to (somewhere)
    as far as, as deep or as high as
    The water in the swimming pool came up to my waist.

    (1) Inspite of repeated attempts,
    (P) in the dictionary
    (Q) and finally had to ask his teacher
    (R) he could not locate
    (S) the strange - looking word
    (6) what it meant.

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  • Xmas Makeup Looks

    Combat alcohol

    Although you may like sippinga tasty mojito or cosmopolitan, your skin doesn t. Alcohol dehydrates you and can leave your skin dry, grey and dull. To make sure your skin glows despite the endless flow of alcohol over the festive period your moisturiser won t be enough. Instead invest in some cleansing milks that contain hylauronic acid. You could also apply a brightening face mask; look for ones that contain alpha hydroxy acids, as this natural acid helps to destroy dead skin skills, firm up skin and moisturize.

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