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1.having more than the average number of accidents

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  • accident surgery
  • accident
  • accidence
  • acciaccatura
  • accho
  • accessory vertebral vein
  • accessory nerve
  • accessory hemiazygous vein
  • accessory hemiazygos vein
  • accessory fruit
  • accidental
  • accidental injury
  • accidentally
  • accipiter
  • accipiter cooperii
  • accipiter gentilis
  • accipiter nisus
  • accipitridae
  • accipitriformes
  • accipitrine
  • horse brier
  • father surrogate
  • occupation licence
  • trinity sunday
  • transplantable
  • surficial
  • carburise
  • glove compartment
  • sea lane
  • mesmerist

  • Idiom of the Day

    in a world of one`s own
    in deep thought or concentration, not caring about other people
    The boy is in a world of his own and he does not notice what other people say or think.

    The close-up of the actor drinking the popular brand of cola in the movie was a ________ display of commercialism.

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  • Tie Knots

    Balthus Tie Knot

    The Balthus knot or also known as "The Cousin of the Full Windsor" is a highly sophisticated 9-move, 4-centre knot, and is the largest, broadest knot of all. The knot is named after a Polish-French artist, Balthasar Klossowski (Balthus). The Balthus needs a tie with ton of length. The knot is different from most since it begins with your tie sitting with the inside out. The Balthus ends with a very wide triangular shape, and looks best with a spread collar.

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