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acoustic phenomenon

1.a physical phenomenon associated with the production or transmission of sound

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  • acoustic nerve
  • acoustic modem
  • acoustic meatus
  • acoustic impedance
  • acoustic guitar
  • acoustic gramophone
  • acoustic device
  • acoustic delay line
  • acoustic buoy
  • acoustic aphasia
  • acoustic power
  • acoustic projection
  • acoustic radiation pressure
  • acoustic reactance
  • acoustic resistance
  • acoustic spectrum
  • acoustic storage
  • acoustic wave
  • acoustical
  • acoustically
  • suntan
  • spotted bat
  • uneroded
  • gibbose
  • low-budget
  • ameiuridae
  • antiblack
  • cigarfish
  • drowse off
  • arecidae

  • Idiom of the Day

    gee whiz
    used as an exclamation to show surprise or other strong feelings
    "Gee whiz! Are we really going to go to the circus next week?"

    I walked ________ to reception and made my enquiries.

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