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1.disease of cattle that can be transmitted to humans

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  • actinomycin
  • actinomycetous
  • actinomycete
  • actinomycetales
  • actinomycetal
  • actinomycetaceae
  • actinomyces
  • actinomorphous
  • actinomorphic
  • actinometry
  • actinomycotic
  • actinomyxidia
  • actinomyxidian
  • actinon
  • actinopod
  • actinopoda
  • actinotherapy
  • actinozoa
  • actinozoan
  • action
  • suburbia
  • family drepanididae
  • congress gaiter
  • flimsiness
  • papaya juice
  • hop up
  • genus silene
  • instinct
  • richard ii
  • sertoli's cell

  • Idiom of the Day

    pay to (do something)
    to be beneficial to do something
    I decided that it would pay to buy a new car rather than fix my old car.

    The teacher kept the pupils ___ after class because they had behaved badly.

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  • Most handsome football players and his Hairstyle 2014

    Philippe Mexes AC Milan

    Ill be honest I have no real idea what is happening with Philippe Mexes hair at the momenttheres just a bit up there and its a little bit hacked up and its far too short on the sides.
    But when he does things like this I guess he can have his hair however he wants.

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