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1.disease of cattle that can be transmitted to humans

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  • actinomycin
  • actinomycetous
  • actinomycete
  • actinomycetales
  • actinomycetal
  • actinomycetaceae
  • actinomyces
  • actinomorphous
  • actinomorphic
  • actinometry
  • actinomycotic
  • actinomyxidia
  • actinomyxidian
  • actinon
  • actinopod
  • actinopoda
  • actinotherapy
  • actinozoa
  • actinozoan
  • action
  • galeorhinus zyopterus
  • canadian pondweed
  • gearbox
  • boraginaceae
  • statute title
  • wanderer
  • hypoglossal
  • wonderer
  • family iguanidae
  • exploded

  • Idiom of the Day

    roll up one`s sleeves
    to prepare to work hard or seriously at something
    Everybody in our club rolled up their sleeves to help prepare for the party.

    I'm exhausted.'

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  • Weird Fruit


    Cherymoya, or custard apple, is a deciduous plant found in the high lying mountainous areas of South America. The fruit is vaguely round and is found with 3 types of skin Impressa (indented), Tuberculate (covered in nodules) or intermediate (a combination of the first two). The flesh inside the skin is very fragrant, white, juicy and has a custard like consistency. It is said that the fruit tastes like a combination of banana, passion fruit, papaya and pineapple. Mark Twain said in 1866 the most delicious fruit known to men, cherimoya

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