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1.the conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion affect v.
1.have an effect upon
2.act physically on
3.connect closely and often incriminatingly
4.make believe with the intent to deceive
5.have an emotional or cognitive impact upon

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  • affairs
  • affaire d'honneur
  • affably
  • affableness
  • affable
  • affability
  • afebrile
  • afeared
  • afeard
  • afars and issas
  • affectation
  • affected
  • affected role
  • affectedly
  • affectedness
  • affecting
  • affectingly
  • affection
  • affectional
  • affectionate
  • lophodytes
  • kahikatea
  • friction match
  • veterinary surgeon
  • wormseed mustard
  • petitio
  • absentminded
  • box office
  • economic commission for latin america
  • mimosa

  • Idiom of the Day

    cough up (something) or cough (something) up
    to give something unwillingly
    The man coughed up enough money to pay for the bicycle.


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