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1.the conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion affect v.
1.have an effect upon
2.act physically on
3.connect closely and often incriminatingly
4.make believe with the intent to deceive
5.have an emotional or cognitive impact upon

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  • affairs
  • affaire d'honneur
  • affably
  • affableness
  • affable
  • affability
  • afebrile
  • afeared
  • afeard
  • afars and issas
  • affectation
  • affected
  • affected role
  • affectedly
  • affectedness
  • affecting
  • affectingly
  • affection
  • affectional
  • affectionate
  • worrying
  • refocus
  • policeman
  • youth
  • lycaena
  • narrowed
  • plumb level
  • millimeter of mercury
  • consumer loan
  • pea plant

  • Idiom of the Day

    weed out (someone or something) or weed (someone or something) out
    to remove something that is unwanted, to get rid of something
    I spent the morning weeding out the clothes that I do not wear anymore.

    ________ students came to the class on Friday.

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  • Healthy Neck

    Use a forearm rest

    A forearm rest can reduce the load on your shoulders by supporting your forearms (not your wrists or elbows) when using the computer. Several ergonomic forearm rest styles are available online. Choose one that doesnt lock you into a single posture. If youre using the arm rests on your chair arm but are experiencing discomfort, try removing the arm rests. They can sometimes place your arms in an awkward position or put pressure on the nerves in your elbows. Make sure to support only your arm weight on the forearm rest, and not your full upper body weight.

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