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1.type genus of Agaricaceae

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  • agaricales
  • agaricaceae
  • agaric
  • agar-agar
  • agar
  • agapornis
  • agape
  • agapanthus africanus
  • agapanthus
  • agamous
  • agaricus arvensis
  • agaricus campestris
  • agassiz
  • agastache
  • agastache foeniculum
  • agastache mexicana
  • agastache nepetoides
  • agate
  • agate line
  • agateware
  • in accord
  • bedsit
  • rust inhibitor
  • glenn curtiss
  • gatehouse
  • kumquat tree
  • riant
  • quantifiable
  • khachaturian
  • low-birth-weight infant

  • Idiom of the Day

    stuff the ballot box
    to put false ballots into a ballot box during an election
    The man was arrested because he was stuffing the ballot box during the election.

    The little boy needed to ________ so his mother stopped the car.

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  • Best Wedding Dresses in the World

    Jessica Biels Giambattista Valli Dress

    $100,000+ Jessica Biel s beautiful pink dress for her wedding to Justin Timberlake, was stunning both in looks and in price. The exact dollar amount has not been revealed, but it s rumored to have cost Mrs. Timberlake upwards of six figures. In 2013, Biel discussed the dress in an interview with Elle magazine, I wanted the dress to be very romantic and feminine and a shape that I very rarely wear. I have never been crazy about all white wedding dresses, for me at least. [Giambattista Valli] had created that same fabric in a fuchsia and pink combination for a dress in a previous collection, and I asked him if he could create that same pattern in a white combination, and he suggested pink. It was a bit of a leap of faith at the time, but it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. [Putting it on], I felt like I had made the right choice. I felt elegant. And it moved like a dream.

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