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1.type genus of Agaricaceae

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  • agaricales
  • agaricaceae
  • agaric
  • agar-agar
  • agar
  • agapornis
  • agape
  • agapanthus africanus
  • agapanthus
  • agamous
  • agaricus arvensis
  • agaricus campestris
  • agassiz
  • agastache
  • agastache foeniculum
  • agastache mexicana
  • agastache nepetoides
  • agate
  • agate line
  • agateware
  • genus crataegus
  • amphisbaenia
  • unattainableness
  • flame pea
  • chicken and rice
  • nefazodone
  • reexamination
  • flying cat
  • flabbergasted
  • chink

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep (someone) from (doing something)
    to prevent someone from doing something
    I tried hard to keep my friend from buying a new car.

    Suppose there ________ a problem, what would you have been able to do?

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  • Best looking cars in the world

    Maserati Ghibli saloon

    Maserati is synonymous with sports cars, but it has produced many saloon cars over the years. But few have been as affordable as the Maserati Ghibli.

    The rival for the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class certainly wins in the styling stakes, with swooping lines and large grille with Maserati s iconic trident badge. The interior is designed with flair too and feels as luxurious as you d expect from a Maserati. On the move, the Ghibli is surprisingly comfortable, although space in the back seats it more cramped than in a BMW or Mercedes. It s not quite so good to drive as though models either, but for those seeking ultimate style, little comes close.

    Price 49,160 - 64,730

  • Stylish looks

  • Good to drive

  • Economical diesel engine

  • Cons
  • Cramped rear seats

  • High servicing costs

  • Unproven reliability

  • Chourishi Systems