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1.type genus of Agaricaceae

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  • agaricales
  • agaricaceae
  • agaric
  • agar-agar
  • agar
  • agapornis
  • agape
  • agapanthus africanus
  • agapanthus
  • agamous
  • agaricus arvensis
  • agaricus campestris
  • agassiz
  • agastache
  • agastache foeniculum
  • agastache mexicana
  • agastache nepetoides
  • agate
  • agate line
  • agateware
  • scorched-earth policy
  • county council
  • patrick white
  • family pyrolaceae
  • new zealand wine berry
  • mistime
  • second nature
  • dita bark
  • iron overload
  • genus salmo

  • Idiom of the Day

    soak (something) up or soak up (something)
    to take something into oneself like a sponge absorbs water
    My friend was able to soak up much knowledge when he went to the film seminar.

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  • Precautions while using Nail Paint

    Base coat

    This type of nail polish is a clear or milky colored polish formula that is used specifically before applying nail polish to the nail.[6] The purpose of it is to strengthen nails, restore moisture to the nail, and/or help polish adhere to the nail. Some base coats are marketed as ridge fillers which can create a smooth surface, and reduce the appearance the ridges that can appear on unhealthy nails or due to aging. Base coat may also help keep nails from being stained a yellowish color by colored polishes.

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