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1.(Greek mythology) the god of the underworld in ancient mythology

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  • aides
  • aided
  • aide-memoire
  • aide-de-camp
  • aide
  • aid station
  • aid
  • aiai
  • ahvenanmaa
  • ahura mazda
  • aigina
  • aiglet
  • aigret
  • aigrette
  • aiguilette
  • aiken
  • aikido
  • ail
  • ailanthus
  • ailanthus altissima
  • postmaster
  • creativity
  • angular position
  • larcenist
  • lemony
  • demosthenes
  • mist-flower
  • fix up
  • genus boletellus
  • hirudo medicinalis

  • Idiom of the Day

    on thin ice
    in a risky situation
    The woman was on thin ice with her company after she continued to come to work late every morning.

    She is a member ________ the gym.

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  • Benefits of Honeydew

    Ways to eat honeydew

    Honeydew melons sport palegreen to creamcolored rinds along with lightgreen flesh. They will flavor more gratifying as compared to a number of other melons, which has a taste similar to honey. Honeydew are consumed alone or even combined with some other melons as well as fruits, their sharp consistency as well as fairly sweet taste playing opposite the more syrupy sweet taste of some other summer time fruits. Whether you buy honeydew through the grocery store or even farm stand, or if you are developing it in your own back garden, making certain correct ripeness enables you to take pleasure in the honeydew at its maximum taste.

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