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air transportation

1.transportation by air

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  • air transport
  • air traffic
  • air thermometer
  • air terminal
  • air station
  • air spring
  • air space
  • air sock
  • air sleeve
  • air sickness
  • air transportation system
  • air travel
  • air traveler
  • air traveller
  • air unit
  • air wave
  • air well
  • air-breathing
  • air-condition
  • air-conditioned
  • directorship
  • parjanya
  • oblige
  • aeschylean
  • black english
  • intent on
  • activase
  • triglochin
  • fire pit
  • ceramic ware

  • Idiom of the Day

    look on
    to watch, to observe, to be a spectator
    Many people looked on as the fire burned in the building.

    The book's a best-seller, ________?

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