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air transportation

1.transportation by air

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  • air transport
  • air traffic
  • air thermometer
  • air terminal
  • air station
  • air spring
  • air space
  • air sock
  • air sleeve
  • air sickness
  • air transportation system
  • air travel
  • air traveler
  • air traveller
  • air unit
  • air wave
  • air well
  • air-breathing
  • air-condition
  • air-conditioned
  • amassed
  • edward henry harriman
  • harmonically
  • oriolus oriolus
  • xxvi
  • pyogenic
  • jakob ludwig karl grimm
  • clothes dryer
  • renal pelvis
  • h. pylori

  • Idiom of the Day

    lose one`s shirt
    to lose a lot of money
    I think that the man is going to lose his shirt on the new business venture.


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  • Rules to play Petanque

    The Place to Play

    Petanque is also known as Boules and is played outdoors on any reasonably firm surface your yard, the park, a field, a gravel parking lot, cinder running track, etc. Hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt or very soft like a fine sand beach or long grass are not recommended. The ideal surface is hard packed earth with course sand or pea gravel approximately 1 8 ? deep covering the surface. Find a place that is open and fairly flat. If there are a few bumps and hollows thats fine and can even add more challenge to the game.

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