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air transportation

1.transportation by air

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  • air transport
  • air traffic
  • air thermometer
  • air terminal
  • air station
  • air spring
  • air space
  • air sock
  • air sleeve
  • air sickness
  • air transportation system
  • air travel
  • air traveler
  • air traveller
  • air unit
  • air wave
  • air well
  • air-breathing
  • air-condition
  • air-conditioned
  • long island
  • coenobite
  • tamil tigers
  • vole
  • assassin bug
  • espresso
  • ballet dancer
  • iii john
  • librarian
  • vacuum

  • Idiom of the Day

    all the livelong day
    throughout the whole day
    I know the words to the song, I've been working on the railroad, all the livelong day.

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  • Rules to play Yo Yo

    String tension

    String tension is crucial to performing tricks, especially when youre learning new tricks. Tricks like iron whip can be particularly hard to master if your string twists when you try to do the whip.If you notice your string wants to twist up when it goes slack, its either gotten too tight or too loose. Imagine throwing sleepers one after another, or practicing Trapeze. Each time you throw, youre twisting the string a little more in the same direction. For a right hander, the winds in the string will tend to tighten up, while for a lefty, itll get more loose. Eventually itll get to the point where youll feel like you need to take the loop off your finger and untwist the darn thing.

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