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1.in an alert manner

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  • alerting
  • alert
  • aleppo boil
  • aleppo
  • aleppa grass
  • alepisaurus
  • aleph-zero
  • aleph-null
  • aleph-nought
  • aleph
  • alertness
  • alessandro di mariano dei filipepi
  • alessandro manzoni
  • alethic logic
  • aletris
  • aletris aurea
  • aletris farinosa
  • aletta jacobs
  • aleuria aurantia
  • aleurites
  • corallorhiza trifida
  • dive-bomb
  • echinops
  • james scott connors
  • european elder
  • marco polo
  • samaritan
  • partial derivative
  • hirschsprung
  • aperture

  • Idiom of the Day

    have (something) stuck in one's craw
    to have something irritate or displease someone
    The man's complaint stuck in my craw for several weeks before I forgot it.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    Our boss never takes responsibility for his problems and always tries to (blame someone else).

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  • Rules to play Rubiks Cube

    Try to execute your plan

    The first stages might be easy after a bit of practice. Remember to write down notes about your findings, such as the effects of a certain sequence of moves. Illustrations are rather useful. You might want to invent a notation to write down move sequences. This proves decisive especially in the last parts, as its often necessary to back up a few moves.

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