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1.nonsensical writing (usually verse)

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  • amphidiploidy
  • amphidiploid
  • amphictyony
  • amphicarpaea bracteata
  • amphicarpaea
  • amphicarpa bracteata
  • amphicarpa
  • amphibrach
  • amphiboly
  • amphibology
  • amphineura
  • amphioxidae
  • amphioxus
  • amphipod
  • amphipoda
  • amphiprion
  • amphiprion percula
  • amphiprostylar
  • amphiprostyle
  • amphiprotic
  • retail
  • fukuoka
  • peppy
  • programming error
  • megalobatrachus maximus
  • lawrence durrell
  • devanagari
  • barman
  • tempest-tossed
  • adonic

  • Idiom of the Day

    too big for one`s britches
    to feel more important than one really is
    Our new boss is too big for his britches. He needs to change his behavior.

    I learned to ________ when I was eleven years old.

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  • Expensive Things Youll Need In Your Dream House

    A relaxing ceiling hammock for lazy naps

    If every inch of ground space is being used up intelligently by architects nowadays, then why the ceiling should be left out. This picture shows netting under the whole ceiling while a boy sleeps on it using it as a hammock. There is abundant light coming in through the skylight making it ideal as a place for reading as well. There is ample space to have a comfortable sleep as the boy sprawls out, his arms and legs outstretched to the maximum possible extent. Of course, this arrangement may make it difficult for the elderly to climb or use.

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