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1.nonsensical writing (usually verse)

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  • amphidiploidy
  • amphidiploid
  • amphictyony
  • amphicarpaea bracteata
  • amphicarpaea
  • amphicarpa bracteata
  • amphicarpa
  • amphibrach
  • amphiboly
  • amphibology
  • amphineura
  • amphioxidae
  • amphioxus
  • amphipod
  • amphipoda
  • amphiprion
  • amphiprion percula
  • amphiprostylar
  • amphiprostyle
  • amphiprotic
  • family pandionidae
  • marchland
  • lateral thinking
  • vomitive
  • indigenously
  • siberian pea tree
  • logician
  • musculophrenic vein
  • dazed
  • duck pate

  • Idiom of the Day

    all of a sudden
    suddenly, without advance warning
    All of a sudden, it became cloudy and began to rain.

    Yesterday the project manager suddenly announced that the launch of the new promotion campaign had been ________ because of software problems.

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