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amygdalus communis amara

1.almond trees having white blossoms and poisonous nuts yielding an oil used for flavoring and for medicinal purposes

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  • amygdalus communis
  • amygdalus
  • amygdalotomy
  • amygdaloidal
  • amygdaloid nucleus
  • amygdaloid
  • amygdaline
  • amygdalin
  • amygdaliform
  • amygdalaceae
  • amyl alcohol
  • amyl nitrate
  • amylaceous
  • amylase
  • amyloid
  • amyloid plaque
  • amyloid protein plaque
  • amyloidal
  • amyloidosis
  • amylolysis
  • unwantedly
  • aminomethane
  • philophylla
  • of a sudden
  • antheraea mylitta
  • common noun
  • abstracted
  • long measure
  • pulsatilla patens
  • spiderflower

  • Idiom of the Day

    smack into (someone or something)
    to collide or hit someone or something
    The car smacked into the car in front of it.

    It would
    (P)appear from his statement
    (Q)about the policy of the management
    (R) in dealing with the strike
    (S) that he was quite in the dark

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  • Rules to play Aquatics

    Lap pool rules

    1. Children 7 or younger must be under the watchful eye of an adult 16 or older.
    2. Children under 5 MUST remain within arms length of the parents or guardian.
    3. Patron must pass the swim test for the managers to go in any area where patron cannot touch the bottom.
    4. Patrons may not hold others by the shoulders or above.
    5. No diving, flips, or somersaults off play features or other areas marked 5 feet or under.
    6. No flips or somersaults off the edge of the pool.
    7. Must enter water feet first, facing forward.
    8. Basketball and Volleyball Rules:
    A. No rough play, dunking, or tackling.
    B. No hanging on rim, nets, backboards, or poles.
    C. Must be in the water to play or shoot.
    9. All patrons in the lap lane must continue to swim in a counter clockwise direction.
    10. Please swim around or go around the lap lane if you are getting in or out of the pool.
    11. Avoid prolonged breath holding, this can lead to shallow water blackout and drowning.
    12. No tossing other patrons in the air.
    13. No reverse or inward dives.

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