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1.type and sole genus of the Antilocapridae comprising one species

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  • antilles
  • antilepton
  • antiknock
  • antihypertensive drug
  • antihypertensive
  • antihistamine
  • antihero
  • antihemorrhagic factor
  • antihemophilic globulin
  • antihemophilic factor
  • antilocapra americana
  • antilocapridae
  • antilog
  • antilogarithm
  • antilope
  • antilope cervicapra
  • antimacassar
  • antimagnetic
  • antimalarial
  • antimalarial drug
  • multiple mononeuropathy
  • natural gas
  • eightpenny nail
  • restriction
  • barbasco
  • atomic number 107
  • artillery plant
  • stronghold
  • echocardiography
  • hypericum androsaemum

  • Idiom of the Day

    straighten out (someone or something) or straighten (someone or something) out
    to cause someone's bad behavior to improve, to organize or fix something that is in confusion or disorder
    I went to the bank to straighten out the problem with my credit card.

    The electrical ________ is dangerous if you touch it.

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