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antispasmodic agent

1.a drug used to relieve or prevent spasms (especially of the smooth muscles)

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  • antisocial
  • antiserum
  • antisepticize
  • antiseptic
  • antisepsis
  • antisatellite
  • antirrhinum majus
  • antirrhinum filipes
  • antistrophe
  • antistrophic
  • antisubmarine
  • antisyphilitic
  • antitank
  • antitauon
  • antithesis
  • antithetic
  • antithetical
  • antithetically
  • corpuscular theory
  • rupee
  • windward islands
  • joseph mallord william turner
  • bell foundry
  • genus cacajao
  • obverse
  • melilotus officinalis
  • national archives and records administration
  • vena trachealis

  • Idiom of the Day

    even steven
    even with (someone or something)
    Both teams were even steven by the middle of the game.

    For the next hour it will be possible to buy just one ________ of bananas and get one more free.

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  • Ideas to Boost Business

    Fear Of Not Having Your Product

    a. For products that increase personal security, personal safety or health, fear can be an effective business boosting tool.
    b. If they dont buy your product now, they will miss something. A discount, premium free gift, etc. Fear of loss is more powerful than expectation of gain.

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