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1.speak or write in aphorisms

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  • aphonic
  • aphonia
  • aphis pomi
  • aphis lion
  • aphis fabae
  • aphis
  • aphidoidea
  • aphididae
  • aphid lion
  • aphid
  • aphorism
  • aphorist
  • aphoristic
  • aphorize
  • aphotic
  • aphriza
  • aphriza virgata
  • aphrodite
  • aphrophora
  • aphrophora saratogensis
  • levi
  • wedding ring
  • passable
  • unseen
  • poor speller
  • gambusia affinis
  • sublet
  • factory farm
  • wear on
  • gila monster

  • Idiom of the Day

    in the same breath
    saying something at the same time
    My friend said that he was busy on Friday but in the same breath he suggested that we go away for the weekend.


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