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1.speak or write in aphorisms

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  • aphonic
  • aphonia
  • aphis pomi
  • aphis lion
  • aphis fabae
  • aphis
  • aphidoidea
  • aphididae
  • aphid lion
  • aphid
  • aphorism
  • aphorist
  • aphoristic
  • aphorize
  • aphotic
  • aphriza
  • aphriza virgata
  • aphrodite
  • aphrophora
  • aphrophora saratogensis
  • drepanocytic anemia
  • military science
  • fervent
  • conodontophorida
  • build in
  • orthoptics
  • sashay
  • organicistic
  • imaginatively
  • transferee

  • Idiom of the Day

    know (something) only too well
    to know something very well
    I know only too well what will happen if I do not finish my essay on time.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    (When you really think about it) it is not possible for five people to travel a long distance in our small car.

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