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1.of or relating to the development of an embryo in the absence of fertilization

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  • apogamic
  • apogametic
  • apoenzyme
  • apodous
  • apodiformes
  • apodiform bird
  • apodidae
  • apodictic
  • apodemus sylvaticus
  • apodemus
  • apogamy
  • apogean
  • apogee
  • apogon
  • apogon maculatus
  • apogonidae
  • apoidea
  • apojove
  • apolemia
  • apolitical
  • thyreophora
  • unary operation
  • anthus pratensis
  • psychotic belief
  • pilosella
  • strauss the elder
  • vivisect
  • remorseful
  • family bombyliidae
  • unlocated

  • Idiom of the Day

    sweat bullets/blood
    to be nervous, to be very worried
    I was sweating bullets during the job interview.


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  • Most Amazing Streets in the World

    The Magic Roundabout England

    Anyone who has been on the Internet for a while will recognize the Magic Roundabout it has appeared in virtually everyfunny picture list you can find. The roundabout is a real roundabout in Swindon England. It was built in 1972 and it includes 5 other smaller roundabouts. To make matters worse you must travel anticlockwise (the reverse of the normal situation on British roundabouts) when you enter the smaller central roundabout. The Swindon Junction has been voted the worst junction in Great Britain.

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