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1.of or relating to the development of an embryo in the absence of fertilization

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  • apogamic
  • apogametic
  • apoenzyme
  • apodous
  • apodiformes
  • apodiform bird
  • apodidae
  • apodictic
  • apodemus sylvaticus
  • apodemus
  • apogamy
  • apogean
  • apogee
  • apogon
  • apogon maculatus
  • apogonidae
  • apoidea
  • apojove
  • apolemia
  • apolitical
  • bodywork
  • photo opportunity
  • globosity
  • smock
  • consul
  • bailor
  • thrombokinase
  • sharp-sightedness
  • torque wrench
  • mirabilis californica

  • Idiom of the Day

    shoot up (someone or something)
    to shoot at someone or something recklessly
    In many western movies the outlaws come into town and shoot up everything.

    I really think we should talk about the subject we wanted to in the first place and ________ the issue.

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    Rich in the mineral zinc, oysters are great for raising a mans testosterone levels. Oysters are also rich in protein, proving the perfect muscle replenishment source.

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