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1.Indian religious leader and founder of the Yogacara school of Buddhism in India (4th century)

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  • asana
  • asamiya
  • asama
  • asala
  • asahikawa
  • asafoetida
  • asafetida
  • asadha
  • asa yoelson
  • asa gray
  • asap
  • asaph hall
  • asarabacca
  • asarh
  • asarum
  • asarum canadense
  • asarum europaeum
  • asarum shuttleworthii
  • asarum virginicum
  • asat
  • quercus ilicifolia
  • veadar
  • unformatted capacity
  • unthought-of
  • monosyllabically
  • bereave
  • genus alsophila
  • dog racing
  • prone
  • controversialist

  • Idiom of the Day

    lay off (someone) or lay (someone) off
    to stop bothering someone, to leave someone alone
    The teacher told the students to lay off the new student.

    Would you like ________ orange?

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  • Know Tie Knots

    Windsor Tie Knot

    The Windsor is a very wide and triangular tie shape. It is the knot for special occasions and suits both Italian collared or spread collared shirts. It is recommended that you choose a long tie and a waistcoat as this knot uses a lot of tie and often wont reach the belt! The tie owes its name to the Duke of Windsor who made it popular. Before you tie this knot, slide the tie around your neck after first having buttoned up the top button of your shirt and turned up the collar. The two ends of the tie must be of different lengths. The wide end must hang down much longer than the narrow end.

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