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1.relating to or of the nature of an asymptote

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  • asymptote
  • asymptomatic
  • asymmetry
  • asymmetrically
  • asymmetrical
  • asymmetric
  • asylum
  • aswan high dam
  • aswan dam
  • aswan
  • asymptotically
  • asynchronism
  • asynchronous
  • asynchronous operation
  • asynchronous transfer mode
  • asynchrony
  • asynclitism
  • asyndetic
  • asynergia
  • asynergic
  • disapprovingly
  • genus macrozoarces
  • james leonard farmer
  • chenopodium murale
  • bombycilla
  • california redwood
  • soft tree fern
  • thor
  • fugacious
  • pantryman

  • Idiom of the Day

    lay one's hands on (something)
    to find something, to acquire something
    If I can lay my hands on a laptop computer, I will give the presentation tonight.

    How many of the books published each year in India make a ...... contribution towards improving men's ...... with each other?

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  • Benefits of Black raisins

    Health Benefits

    The health and nutritional benefits of sun dried raisins range from the classic nutrients such as natural sugars and potassium to newly discovered antioxidant factors, factors which have found an important place in medicine and nutrition only in the last twenty years.

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