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august wilhelm von hoffmann

1.German chemist (1818-1892)

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  • augury
  • augusta
  • augustan
  • auguste comte
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  • augustin eugene scribe
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  • augustine
  • augustine of hippo
  • augustinian
  • augustinian canons
  • chimaphila corymbosa
  • philophylla
  • family endamoebidae
  • legitimate
  • william beaumont
  • take pains
  • acetyl chloride
  • division euglenophyta
  • kangaroo mouse
  • discontinuous

  • Idiom of the Day

    lose face
    to be embarrassed or ashamed by an error or failure, to lose dignity
    Our boss lost face when his employees decided not to support him during the meeting.

    It's late and I'm going to ________ in as I have an early start tomorrow

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  • Famous Logos That Have A Hidden Message

    Coca Cola

    Look closely at the o. Do you notice anything? No? Don t worry because most people wouldn t notice it. It s actually the Denmark flag. This wasn t always the original intention. Coca Cola discovered that part of its logo looks like the Danish flag, which has been named the happiest country on earth. Once they discovered that, they set up a media stunt in Denmark s biggest airport, where they welcome people with flags. Still can t see the flag? Here you go:

    Chourishi Systems