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augustinian canons

1.an Augustinian monastic order

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  • augustine of hippo
  • augustine
  • augustin jean fresnel
  • augustin eugene scribe
  • auguste rodin
  • auguste comte
  • augustan
  • augusta
  • august wilhelm von hoffmann
  • augustinian hermits
  • augustinian order
  • augustus
  • augustus welby northmore pugin
  • auk
  • auklet
  • aulacorhyncus
  • auld
  • auld langsyne
  • aulostomidae
  • flowing
  • serving girl
  • airbrush
  • adventurous
  • pep rally
  • sultrily
  • ire
  • legatee
  • suaveness
  • arrhenatherum elatius

  • Idiom of the Day

    next to nothing
    hardly anything, almost nothing
    I was able to buy a computer for next to nothing.

    (P) to make himself
    (Q) by shouting at the top of his voice
    (R) was he able
    (S) heard

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  • Daily Health Tips

    Vegetable Juices for Nerve Inflammation

    Raw juices of carrot and spinach have proved valuable in neuritis as both these vegetables are rich in elements, the deficiency of which has led to this disease. The quickest and most effective way in which the body can obtain and assimilate these elements is by drinking daily at least half a litre of the combined raw juices of carrot and spinach. Remember the ratio: 3 parts carrot, 1 part spinach. This magic medium is optimal for recovery from nervous inflammatory diseases.

    Chourishi Systems