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1.someone who drives (or travels in) an automobile

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  • automobile trunk
  • automobile traffic
  • automobile tire
  • automobile race
  • automobile mechanic
  • automobile loan
  • automobile insurance
  • automobile industry
  • automobile horn
  • automobile factory
  • automotive
  • automotive engineer
  • automotive engineering
  • automotive technology
  • automotive vehicle
  • automysophobia
  • autonomic
  • autonomic ganglion
  • autonomic nervous system
  • autonomic plexus
  • putridness
  • poliovirus vaccine
  • wealthy
  • dense blazing star
  • te deum
  • v.p.
  • loverlike
  • soja
  • ningal
  • measuring instrument

  • Idiom of the Day

    pitch camp
    to set up or arrange a campsite
    We stopped for the night next to a small river and pitched camp.

    Justinís ________ solution to the problem revealed that he did not spend much time considering the consequences.

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    How to Prepare Fenugreek Leaves

    The fresh leaves undoubtedly have lots of mud and debris in them. Hence cleaning is v essential. Before that, chop off the roots of the leaves.Pick the leaves of the stem. Very tender stems can be left in.Wash very well in cold water. It might take time but you dont want mud in your food. Its worth it though. Chop it lightly and coarsely. You can now use this in varied recipes.

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