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avicennia officinalis

1.a small to medium-sized tree growing in brackish water especially along the shores of the southwestern Pacific

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  • avicennia marina
  • avicennia
  • avicenna
  • aviatrix
  • aviatress
  • aviator
  • aviation medicine
  • aviation
  • aviate
  • aviary
  • avicenniaceae
  • avid
  • avidity
  • avidly
  • avidness
  • avifauna
  • avifaunal
  • avifaunistic
  • avionic
  • avionics
  • dig out
  • delius
  • lower deck
  • panthera uncia
  • branchiopod crustacean
  • doorknocker
  • kinesthetically
  • missionary
  • flathead catfish
  • archimedes

  • Idiom of the Day

    open (something) up or open up (something)
    to reveal the possibilities of something
    The departure of the school principal opened his job up to other members of the staff.


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  • Flowers

    Narcissus Major

    The present species of Daffodil is the largest of the genus, and bears the most magnificent flowers, but, though it has long been known in this country, it is confined rather to the gardens of the curious.
    It is a native of Spain, and flowers with us in April. As its roots produce plenty of offsets, it is readily propagated.
    It approaches in its general appearance very near to the Narcissus Pseudo Narcissus, but differs in being a much taller plant, having its leaves more twisted, as well as more glaucous, its flowers (but especially its Nectary) much larger, and its petals more spreading, and these characters are not altered by culture.
    It answers to the bicolor of Linnaeus in every respect but colour, and we should have adopted that name, had not the flowers with us been always of a fine deep yellow, we have therefore taken Bauhins name as the most expressive.
    It varies with double flowers.

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