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1.transient presence of bacteria (or other microorganisms) in the blood

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  • bactericide
  • bactericidal
  • bacterially
  • bacterial toxin
  • bacterial plaque
  • bacterial
  • bacteriaemia
  • bacteriacide
  • bacteria species
  • bacteria order
  • bacteriochlorophyll
  • bacterioid
  • bacterioidal
  • bacteriologic
  • bacteriological
  • bacteriological warfare
  • bacteriologist
  • bacteriology
  • bacteriolysis
  • bacteriolytic
  • drug company
  • specialise
  • pluteaceae
  • epiphytic plant
  • laurence olivier
  • slow-witted
  • fireplace
  • radioactive iodine excretion test
  • stagnant
  • disappointment

  • Idiom of the Day

    express (one's) anger
    to release one's anger
    The man often loses his temper which is not a good way to express his anger.

    Yes, thank you and I'm afraid it's not ________ very bright at the moment.

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  • Career Options After 10th

    Indian Army

    After matriculation, one can join in Indian Army to the posts of soldiers in technical trade through written exams like Indian Army Soldier Clerks Examination, Indian Army Soldier General Duty (N.E.R.) Examination, Indian Army Soldier Technical (M.E.R.) Examination, Indian Army Soldier Nursing Assistants (M.E.R.) Examination etc.

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