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banzai charge

1.a mass attack of troops without concern for casualties

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  • Idiom of the Day

    put on clothes
    to get into and wear a piece of clothing
    I put on my sweater before I went outside.

    What's the plural of 'proof'?

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  • Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks

    Dont Forget The Rules Of Photography

    This is by far the most important suggestion of all. The rules for taking a good picture dont change when you switch between cameras. Just because the camera can also make calls, doesnt mean you should ignore everything you know about balanced composition and expressive lighting. If you need to keep the rule of thirds or golden ratio layover on your screen at all times to help remind you, certainly turn it on. While the tips Ive outlined here will help you maximize the strengths and minimize weaknesses of a smartphone camera, its ultimately your skill, knowledge, and eye that will make photos worth looking at.

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