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1.impressive in appearance

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  • barong
  • baronetize
  • baronetise
  • baronetcy
  • baronet
  • baroness thatcher of kesteven
  • baroness karen blixen
  • baroness jackson of lodsworth
  • baroness emmusca orczy
  • baroness dudevant
  • baronne anne louise germaine necker de steal-holstein
  • barony
  • baroque
  • baroqueness
  • baroreceptor
  • barosaur
  • barosaurus
  • barouche
  • barque
  • barrack
  • arbitrator
  • forthcomingness
  • conospermum
  • modigliani
  • carangidae
  • bacillary white diarrhoea
  • anime
  • anemia adiantifolia
  • factor i
  • bad check

  • Idiom of the Day

    refill a prescription
    to sell a second set of medicine on a doctor's orders
    I went to the pharmacy to refill a prescription for my mother.

    Rana Pratap was (a) /blind with (b) / one eye. (c) / No error (d)

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  • Precautions while using Kitchen Equipments

    Don t Leave Food Unattended

    Never leave the house when food is cooking or baking, except for a slow cooker. I put my slow cooker on my cool stove top just so it s on a heatproof surface. Food can quickly go from browning to burning to bursting into flame.

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