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baronne anne louise germaine necker de steal-holstein

1.French romantic writer (1766-1817)

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  • baronial
  • barong
  • baronetize
  • baronetise
  • baronetcy
  • baronet
  • baroness thatcher of kesteven
  • baroness karen blixen
  • baroness jackson of lodsworth
  • baroness emmusca orczy
  • barony
  • baroque
  • baroqueness
  • baroreceptor
  • barosaur
  • barosaurus
  • barouche
  • barque
  • barrack
  • barracking
  • toque
  • democratic republic of the congo
  • incalculable
  • unconcernedly
  • in return
  • modulus of elasticity
  • elizabeth
  • winter flounder
  • foretelling
  • distinguished service cross

  • Idiom of the Day

    make (someone) tick
    to motivate someone to behave or act in a certain way
    It is difficult to know what makes our boss tick.

    The last words his father said before Icarus left were: Look after ________ .

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  • Funny Things To Do This Winter

    Create paper snowflakes

    If you happen to live where snow is scarce, make your own snowflakes from paper. Take a square piece of paper, fold it a few times and cut out the desired shapes. Unfold the paper and attach the newlyborn snowflake on your window.

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