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1.a building used to house military personnel barrack v.
1.lodge in barracks
2.urge on or encourage especially by shouts
3.laugh at with contempt and derision

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  • barque
  • barouche
  • barosaurus
  • barosaur
  • baroreceptor
  • baroqueness
  • baroque
  • barony
  • baronne anne louise germaine necker de steal-holstein
  • baronial
  • barracking
  • barracuda
  • barrage
  • barrage balloon
  • barrage fire
  • barrage jam
  • barrage jamming
  • barramunda
  • barramundi
  • barranquilla
  • william the conqueror
  • burial ground
  • inflexibleness
  • customary
  • beatrice lillie
  • explicate
  • cotyloid joint
  • fibre optics
  • tsuga canadensis
  • sambucus racemosa

  • Idiom of the Day

    run a fever/temperature
    to have a body temperature higher than normal
    The little boy was running a fever so his parents decided to call the doctor.


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  • Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves

    Prevent colon cancer

    The fibre content (saponins, mucilage, etc.) of fenugreek binds to toxins in the food and flush them out. This in turn helps to protect the mucus membrane of the colon from cancers.

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