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1.moderate or restrain
2.flap the wings wildly or frantically
3.soak in a special solution to soften and remove chemicals used in previous treatments

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  • batch processing
  • batch
  • bataan
  • bata
  • bat mitzvah
  • bat boy
  • bat
  • basutoland
  • basuto
  • bastnasite
  • bateau bridge
  • bated
  • batfish
  • batfowl
  • bath
  • bath asparagus
  • bath chair
  • bath linen
  • bath mat
  • bath mitzvah
  • papa
  • flying robin
  • golden crown beard
  • boulder clay
  • broadcasting
  • soap powder
  • indian mutiny
  • long-handled
  • cameraman
  • genus dipteryx

  • Idiom of the Day

    pig in a poke
    something accepted or bought without looking at it carefully
    The used bicycle that I bought was a pig in a poke. I do not know if I will like it.

    If they'd eaten their dinner, they wouldn't be hungry.

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  • Benefits of Thyme

    A Few Words of Caution

    It is an irritant to some people, as well as a hypertensive substance that increases blood pressure. Therefore, it should be avoided during pregnancy and those with elevated blood pressure. It also may cause allergic reactions in some cases.

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