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1.formed or shaped like a bat's wing batwing n.
1.one of a pair of swinging doors (as at the entrance to a western saloon)

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  • batty
  • battue
  • battlewagon
  • battlesight
  • battleship
  • battler
  • battlemented
  • battlement
  • battleground
  • battleful
  • bauble
  • baud
  • baud rate
  • baudelaire
  • bauhaus
  • bauhinia
  • bauhinia monandra
  • bauhinia variegata
  • baulk
  • baulk-line
  • seriocomical
  • distrustfulness
  • many more
  • radiographer
  • tomboyishness
  • baron verulam
  • latisimus dorsi
  • cupressus pigmaea
  • isoleucine
  • isaac m. singer

  • Idiom of the Day

    You can't please everyone.
    it is not possible to make everyone happy
    You can't please everyone and somebody in the class was always unhappy with what the teacher chose to do.

    How ________ police were at the scene?

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  • Sachin 100

    Century 75

    Match : India V West Indies
    Venue : Tri-series in Kuala Lumpur featuring India, Australia and West Indies

    It was one of those occasions when Sachin carried the bat through the 50 overs of an ODI inning. He made 141 from 148 balls with 13 fours and 5 towering 6s on a smallish Kinrara Academy Oval ground. Fidel Edwards and Dwayne Bravo were punished severely by the little master. West Indies began their response in style with Chris Gaye smashing 45 off 35 balls. When the weather Gods intervened, the Windies were comfortably ahead on Duckworth Lewis method.

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