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1.in an appropriate manner

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  • befitting
  • befit
  • befall
  • beetroot
  • beetling
  • beetleweed
  • beetle-browed
  • beetle off
  • beetle
  • beethovenian
  • befog
  • befogged
  • befool
  • befooling
  • before
  • before christ
  • before long
  • beforehand
  • befoul
  • befouled
  • festoon
  • vestibular vein
  • the trapezium
  • psychotherapeutic
  • alarm system
  • leo
  • teepee
  • proper name
  • graminales
  • labial stop

  • Idiom of the Day

    jazz up (something)
    to brighten up something, to add more noise or movement or color to something
    They jazzed up the community center for the party last night.

    You ________ qualifications for that job.

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  • Precautions while using Power Supply

    Making Use Of a Residual Current Device

    The residual current device often abbreviated as RCD is a very important tool to enhance safety when using electrical equipment. It reduces the potential risk of being electrocuted. Do not use an RCD to reduce the risk of explosion in an explosive atmosphere.

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