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1.the mystical theological doctrine of Jakob Boehme that influenced the Quakers

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  • behmen
  • behindhand
  • behind-the-scenes
  • behind
  • behest
  • behemoth
  • beheading
  • beheaded
  • behead
  • behaviouristic psychology
  • behold
  • beholden
  • beholder
  • beholding
  • behoove
  • behove
  • behrens
  • behring
  • beige
  • beigel
  • plimsoll line
  • spang
  • gift wrap
  • absentee rate
  • fret
  • horologer
  • archdiocesan
  • might-have-been
  • no more
  • arches national park

  • Idiom of the Day

    out like a light
    to have fallen asleep very quickly
    I went to bed early last night and I was out like a light.

    He finished the show very WELL

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  • Simple Science

    To remove Stains from Cloth

    Man's Conquest of Substances:
    While soap is, generally speaking, the best cleansing agent, there are occasions when other substances can be used to better advantage. For example, grease spots on carpet and non-washable dress goods are best removed by the application of gasoline or benzine. These substances dissolve the grease, but do not remove it from the clothing; for that purpose a woolen cloth should be laid under the stain in readiness to absorb the benzine and the grease dissolved in it. If the grease is not absorbed while in solution, it remains in the clothing and after the evaporation of the benzine reappears in full force.

    Cleaners frequently clean suits by laying a blotter over a grease spot and applying a hot iron; the grease, when melted by the heat, takes the easiest way of spreading itself and passes from cloth to blotter.

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