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1.wish harm upon

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  • beset
  • beseem
  • beseechingly
  • beseeching
  • beseech
  • berzelius
  • beryllium bronze
  • beryllium
  • beryl
  • berycomorphi
  • besides
  • besiege
  • besieged
  • besieger
  • besieging
  • besmear
  • besmeared
  • besmirch
  • besmirched
  • besom
  • peridium
  • vouge
  • vogul
  • folk dancing
  • white maire
  • persevere
  • saint peter
  • guan
  • genus platanus
  • platitude

  • Idiom of the Day

    refill a prescription
    to sell a second set of medicine on a doctor's orders
    I went to the pharmacy to refill a prescription for my mother.


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  • Childrens Day Celebration

    Children Day Gifts

    in india, Children Day is celebrated not just a day dedicated for children, but it also pays homage to india first Prime Minister, Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru, who is known to have a profound love for children.The occasion is commemorated on 14th November every year, marking the birth anniversary of Nehru.The day is dedicated towards the celebration of childhood and promotion of communal exchange and understating amongst children.Different events and programs are specially organized in all educational institutions across india.Competitions like painting, crafts, debates, elocutions, fancy dress and so on, are planned.This year, make your kids Children Day celebration all the more beautiful by gifting some wonderful and delightful gifts.Given here are some gift ideas for Children Day for you to choose from.Glance through them and make your choice!

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