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1.a basin for washing genitals and anal area

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  • bidentate
  • bidens tripartita
  • bidens trichosperma
  • bidens coronata
  • bidens connata
  • bidens bipinnata
  • bidens
  • bide
  • biddy
  • bidding contest
  • bidirectional
  • biedermeier
  • biegnet
  • biennial
  • biennially
  • bier
  • bierce
  • biface
  • bifacial
  • biff
  • anchorman
  • synonymousness
  • horny structure
  • date back
  • spin-dry
  • yips
  • vector-borne transmission
  • almond tree
  • thomas malory
  • remunerative

  • Idiom of the Day

    on the spot
    in a difficult or embarrassing situation
    The man was suddenly put on the spot when the reporter asked him about the money.

    She took the train ________ work

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  • Propose Day

    How to Propose a Guy

    Though proposing has always been a mans job, the 21st century women are as vocal as guys about their feelings. It is not at all wrong for a woman to take the lead as somebody has to do it someday. Moreover it is better to say out your feelings than keeping emotions in your heart and let someone else takes the lead thereby ending up to realize its too late.

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