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1.pretentious or silly talk or writing

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  • bilges
  • bilge well
  • bilge water
  • bilge pump
  • bilge keel
  • bilge
  • bilestone
  • bile salt
  • bile duct
  • bile acid
  • bilgy
  • bilharzia
  • bilharziasis
  • biliary
  • biliary ductule
  • bilimbi
  • bilinear
  • bilingual
  • bilingual dictionary
  • bilingually
  • american harvest mouse
  • schliemann
  • florida keys
  • enragement
  • misconstrue
  • university of wisconsin
  • subphylum cephalochordata
  • slow up
  • ledgeman
  • mount pinatubo

  • Idiom of the Day

    salt away money
    to save money
    My friend has salted away much money from her new job.

    He really didn't need to speak to me like that, ________ ?

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  • Best Pokemon


    For the Pokemon, Serperior, confidence and attitude are its other names. With these attributes and a superiority complex also in abundance Serperior is hard to beat in the field of grass Pokemon. It also has an over powered special ability and sub seed tactics as added traits. It evolves from Servine at level 36 and is the final form of Snivy. Serperior is pale green in color and serpentine in characteristic. It s throat and face are white, and it s back is dark green. Dark green coiled extensions come out from the sides of its neck. This forms a curved pattern around the lower portion of its body. There are also two yellow extensions at the back of its head which are pointed.

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