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block capital

1.a plain hand-drawn letter

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  • block and tackle
  • block anaesthesia
  • block
  • bloch
  • blocadren
  • bloc
  • blob
  • bloater
  • bloated
  • block diagram
  • block grant
  • block letter
  • block of metal
  • block off
  • block out
  • block plane
  • block up
  • block vote
  • blockade
  • loud noise
  • lingua
  • micromillimeter
  • disorganized schizophrenia
  • come to mind
  • sweet-birch oil
  • large-flowered fiddleneck
  • dub
  • white sage
  • hexose

  • Idiom of the Day

    weed out (someone or something) or weed (someone or something) out
    to remove something that is unwanted, to get rid of something
    I spent the morning weeding out the clothes that I do not wear anymore.

    You have to get everything ready before the end of the day

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