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  • blue-blooded
  • blue-blindness
  • blue-blind
  • blue-black
  • blue-belly
  • blue whale
  • blue walleye
  • blue wall of silence
  • blue wall
  • blue vitriol
  • blue-chip stock
  • blue-collar
  • blue-eyed
  • blue-eyed african daisy
  • blue-eyed grass
  • blue-eyed mary
  • blue-green
  • blue-green algae
  • blue-headed vireo
  • blue-pencil
  • retinoblastoma
  • enovid
  • scrutin uninomial system
  • allegheny vine
  • second power
  • family gobiidae
  • create
  • verandah
  • time lag
  • ceiba tree

  • Idiom of the Day

    sit in on (something)
    to attend or participate in a meeting or similar gathering
    Our boss sat in on our meeting so that he could learn what was happening.

    The technician reminded (a) / them to have a (b) / thoroughly cleaning of the (c) / machine after each use. (d) / No error (e)

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  • Top Stamps

    Double Geneva

    Issued by the City of Geneva in 1843, the Double Geneva is a rare Swiss stamp making it the third-oldest stamp of the European continent after the Zurich 4 and 6 (1842), and the British Penny Black and Two penny blue, (1840). As the name suggests, It bears the name Double Geneva for the double image on the stamp and its place of origin. It is considered as an extremely rare of all stamps as even its remaining few copies are not known.

    Estimated Price : $55,000

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