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  • blue-blooded
  • blue-blindness
  • blue-blind
  • blue-black
  • blue-belly
  • blue whale
  • blue walleye
  • blue wall of silence
  • blue wall
  • blue vitriol
  • blue-chip stock
  • blue-collar
  • blue-eyed
  • blue-eyed african daisy
  • blue-eyed grass
  • blue-eyed mary
  • blue-green
  • blue-green algae
  • blue-headed vireo
  • blue-pencil
  • epidural anesthesia
  • allogamous
  • neutralism
  • gaius plinius secundus
  • order parietales
  • venous blood system
  • round arch
  • nephrotoxic
  • senna alata
  • episode

  • Idiom of the Day

    the cheek to (do something)
    rudeness, impudence
    The woman had the cheek to tell me that she was sick and could not work today.

    The ________ trend in children's desire to wear designer label clothes should be exploited.

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  • Benefits of Bamboo Shoots

    Additional Benefits

    According to Washington State University, certain compounds in bamboo shoots might hold additional benefits. Some of the compounds, including those known as phenolic acids, might provide antioxidant protection against heart disease and cancer. Another phytochemical in bamboo shoots, lignans, appears to deliver a range of benefits, through antifungal and antiviral properties, as well as possible anti cancer properties.

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