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blue story

1.an indelicate joke

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  • blue star
  • blue sky law
  • blue sky
  • blue skullcap
  • blue shark
  • blue sage
  • blue runner
  • blue ridge mountains
  • blue succory
  • blue thistle
  • blue tit
  • blue toadflax
  • blue tulip
  • blue vitriol
  • blue wall
  • blue wall of silence
  • blue walleye
  • blue whale
  • histogram
  • wanting
  • jutting
  • vivisectionist
  • arbiter
  • pseudomonadales
  • gorgeous
  • gerbil
  • rat race
  • receiver-creditor relation

  • Idiom of the Day

    feed (someone) a line
    to deceive someone
    The man was feeding me a line about his plans to open the new restaurant.

    Which of these is a gerund? It is ________ .

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    Pick the right destination for the right time. Its no good to be in a beautiful destination if its the wrong weather even the most romantic beach in Mexico can be miserable if its raining all the time or even worse: mosquito season!

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