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blue wall

1.the secrecy of police officers who lie or look the other way to protect other police officers

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  • Idiom of the Day

    drive (someone) up a wall
    to irritate or annoy someone greatly
    My neighbor's constant complaining is driving me up a wall.

    He threw the __ to the second base man.

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  • Astrology

    What Cancer Needs

    Cancer ( Jun 21 - Jul 22 )
    What Cancer Needs :

    What Cancer wants most is a partner who can take things slow and easy, secure in the knowledge that the ultimate victory will be sweet for both. An exchange of emotions is also ideal for the Crab, whether it's through sex, sports or some passionately-penned correspondence. Cancerians are great one-on-one and love that type of interaction, but they are also good at parties and enjoy dazzling a crowd. Consequently, an understanding lover is key. A partner as intuitive as the Crab will also help to draw them out of their shell and keep them out. In the end, a strong partner who can set the table and be there for the Crab is heaven-sent, and if they know how to retreat when necessary, even better.
    The nest is the most natural place for the affectionate Crab to be, and if they can share that space with someone special -- well, that's hard to beat. The emotions of this winning sign help to make Cancerians empathetic and caring lovers, the sort of people who glow like the moon and flow like the sea.

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