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1.herb of China and Japan widely cultivated for its plumelike panicles of creamy white flowers
2.small Central American tree having loose racemes of purple-tinted green flowers

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  • boccie ball
  • boccie
  • bocci ball
  • bocci
  • bocce ball
  • bocce
  • boccaccio
  • bobwhite quail
  • bobwhite
  • bobtailed
  • bocconia frutescens
  • boche
  • bock
  • bock beer
  • bod
  • bodacious
  • boddhisatva
  • bode
  • bodega
  • bodhisattva
  • pill bug
  • by memory
  • pastor roseus
  • genus ailuropoda
  • rachel
  • shrew mole
  • magistrate
  • prying
  • metrazol
  • plead

  • Idiom of the Day

    twist (someone's) words around
    to restate someone's words inaccurately when quoting him or her
    The supervisor twisted my words around when he repeated my complaint to the manager.

    Oh, that's easy ________ to answer this test!

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  • Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves

    Hair growth

    Fenugreek seeds or methi contain proteins and nicotinic acid which are a great source for hair growth. It contains large amounts of lecithin which makes our hair healthy and strong, and hydrates the hair. It helps to reduce the dryness of the hair, cures dandruff, conditions the hair, keeps the scalp cool and treats a variety of scalp issues. It is highly effective against hair fall and provides strength from the roots.

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