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1.a bit resembling a snaffle bit

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  • bridle up
  • bridle road
  • bridle path
  • bridle at
  • bridle
  • bridgework
  • bridgetown
  • bridget
  • bridges
  • bridgeport
  • brie
  • brief
  • briefcase
  • briefcase bomb
  • briefcase computer
  • briefing
  • briefless
  • briefly
  • briefness
  • briefs
  • aquatics
  • ordovician
  • lucretius
  • dugald stewart
  • swamp laurel
  • martingale
  • kale
  • genus andreaea
  • entoloma lividum
  • regency

  • Idiom of the Day

    at a loss for words
    speechless, unable to speak
    I was at a loss for words when I met my friend after many years.

    I ________ to the concert every Monday on the radio and I imagine I am there listening to it in person.

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  • Weird Animals


    The Coati is a relative of the raccoon that are native to Southern North America, Central America, and Northern South America. They are omnivores, eating mostly insects and fruit, but are noted as being one of the few animals that can eat large tarantulas.

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