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1.a bit resembling a snaffle bit

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  • bridle up
  • bridle road
  • bridle path
  • bridle at
  • bridle
  • bridgework
  • bridgetown
  • bridget
  • bridges
  • bridgeport
  • brie
  • brief
  • briefcase
  • briefcase bomb
  • briefcase computer
  • briefing
  • briefless
  • briefly
  • briefness
  • briefs
  • encipher
  • not due
  • mineral dressing
  • pluton
  • hemiepiphyte
  • unusefulness
  • abolish
  • musa paradisiaca
  • cross-linkage
  • privet andromeda

  • Idiom of the Day

    to have lots of money
    My new boss is loaded.

    Why do you want to get a job as a secretary? You wonít be able to work for eight years. ________ you canít type.

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  • Horse Breeds

    Welsh Pony and Cob

    Welsh Pony and Cob, horse was originated in Wales in the United Kingdom. Welsh Pony and Cob breeds are used for competitive disciplines, including jumping and driving, as well as for pleasure riding. The Welsh pony has adapted himself to the whims and needs of humans as easily as to his environment. He loves people. He responds well to proper treatment and discipline

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