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1.a case with a handle

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  • brief
  • brie
  • bridoon
  • bridle up
  • bridle road
  • bridle path
  • bridle at
  • bridle
  • bridgework
  • bridgetown
  • briefcase bomb
  • briefcase computer
  • briefing
  • briefless
  • briefly
  • briefness
  • briefs
  • brier
  • brier patch
  • brier-wood
  • running start
  • enabling act
  • hydroxyl group
  • genus catha
  • congestion
  • brachinus
  • sparsely
  • reputable
  • thiobacteria
  • nissen hut

  • Idiom of the Day

    tooth and nail
    fiercely, as hard as possible
    The man decided to fight tooth and nail to transfer to another department of the company.

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  • Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

    John Travoltas Oscars flub

    And the Oscar goes to Adele Dazeem. Or something like that. John Travolta wouldve been better off saying whatever her name is is the winner. This faux pas at last years Oscars went viral almost immediately, as everyone took jabs at John. Thankfully, Travolta came out on top. He performed a skit at this years Oscars with the real composer, Idina Menzel. In their act, she forgot his name. Way to make fun of yourself John, that makes everything okay.

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