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1.make lighter or brighter
2.become clear
3.become brighter
4.become brighter

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  • bright's disease
  • bright side
  • bright blue
  • bright as a new penny
  • bright
  • brigham young
  • brigate rosse
  • brigantine
  • brigandine
  • brigand
  • brightly
  • brightness
  • brightness constancy
  • brightness level
  • brigid
  • brigit
  • brigit nilsson
  • brihaspati
  • brill
  • brilliance
  • blue chip
  • reputability
  • salk vaccine
  • prunus insititia
  • moneybag
  • skywalk
  • group a
  • delacroix
  • sward
  • euonymous alatus

  • Idiom of the Day

    cut the mustard
    to reach the required standard for something
    The man does not cut the mustard and he will not be able to work here.

    Some of the devotees (a) / prostrate on the steps (b) / or the floor in front of the idol (c) / before leaving. (d) / No error (e)

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  • Benefits of Iceberg lettuce

    Lettuce Soup

    Equally delicious warm or chilled, a simple pureed soup of lettuce, potato, onion, and chicken stock is seasoned with hints of parsley, nutmeg and lemon and fortified with a touch of cream. Unlike lettuce in the raw, the soup only gets better as it sits and can be gently reheated throughout the week.

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