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bristle brush

1.a brush that is made with the short stiff hairs of an animal or plant

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  • bristle
  • briss
  • brisling
  • briskness
  • briskly
  • brisket
  • brisken
  • brisk up
  • brisk
  • bristle fern
  • bristle grass
  • bristle up
  • bristlecone fir
  • bristlecone pine
  • bristled
  • bristlegrass
  • bristlelike
  • bristletail
  • bristling with
  • anuretic
  • unhealthy
  • cameo
  • moro islamic liberation front
  • floccose chanterelle
  • oxidized ldl cholesterol
  • tatary
  • badlands
  • water on the knee
  • phoenix

  • Idiom of the Day

    have a near miss
    to nearly crash or collide with something
    The two trucks had a near miss on the highway this morning.

    I know, I'll phone Jack and ask his opinion

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  • Healthy Brow


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