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1.anal intercourse committed by a man with a man or woman

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  • bugger off
  • bugger all
  • bugged
  • bugbear
  • bugbane
  • buganda
  • bugaboo
  • bug-hunter
  • bug out
  • bug
  • bugginess
  • buggy
  • buggy whip
  • bugle
  • bugle call
  • bugler
  • bugleweed
  • bugloss
  • bugologist
  • bugology
  • panonychus ulmi
  • uncared-for
  • tessellate
  • solvency
  • hydroplane racing
  • infotainment
  • cia
  • groundling
  • black pudding
  • telephone company

  • Idiom of the Day

    heads or tails
    the face of a coin or the opposite side of the coin
    We decided who would go first in the game by throwing heads or tails with a coin.

    No matter how hard he pushed him, he couldn't ________ his son do the job properly.

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  • Gandhi Jayanti

    Gandhi Jayanti

    On October 2nd each year the nation pays homage to Bapu otherwise also known as the Father of the Nation who played a significant role in Indian Independence. Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi also referred as Gandhiji was an iconic figure in India and around the globe for his unique practices of nonviolence or ahimsa. He believed in the power of nonviolence and in the philosophy of truth known as Satyagraha and adopted these beliefs in his leadership that helped in achieving Indias Independence. With his strong philosophy on nonviolence and truth he proved the world that the path ahead may not be the easy, but it is certainly the most effective methods of achieving the goals. It was this belief that got him noticed and appreciated by historians as one of the greatest freedom fighters that the world had ever seen. As such, India observes a national holiday on this day to pay reverence to this great soul. Besides his contribution towards the countrys freedom struggle, Gandhi will always be remembered around the globe for his distinctive ideologies that inspired many great leaders, such as Martin Luther King, James Lawson, Nelson Mandela, all of whom drew inspiration from Gandhis nonviolence theory.

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