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1.anal intercourse committed by a man with a man or woman

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  • bugger off
  • bugger all
  • bugged
  • bugbear
  • bugbane
  • buganda
  • bugaboo
  • bug-hunter
  • bug out
  • bug
  • bugginess
  • buggy
  • buggy whip
  • bugle
  • bugle call
  • bugler
  • bugleweed
  • bugloss
  • bugologist
  • bugology
  • short bone
  • cartoon
  • malaria mosquito
  • army of muhammad
  • special branch
  • stagira
  • low-powered
  • circumflex scapular artery
  • rolypoliness
  • family hydrobatidae

  • Idiom of the Day

    out to lunch
    crazy, not alert
    The man seems to be out to lunch but everybody likes him.

    At eleven o'clock he ________ a brief visit to a public house on the estate. Henry couldn't offer to buy anyone a drink because he knew very well that his opponents would consider that to be dishonest. So he let one of his supporters buy him a drink instead.

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    Still experimenting with digital

    69% of marketers will be experimenting heavily with digital over the next year which is an increase from 64% the year before. Why are we still experimenting with digital? Implementation over experimentation.

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